Thursday, 2 February 2012

Our Love Story

 sCrying over someone won't bring them back,
staying up late at night
 wishing on stars won't make things as they were,
telling them how much you love them won't either;
the only thing that can

is to let their heart come back to you.

We were schoolmates since elementary days but our paths never crossed and we never knew of each others existence then.  We started to notice each other in high school.  I can still vividly remember, yours in one of the classes I have handled during the Teacher's Week where I was one of the Student Teachers and took over one of your subjects.  You're quite cute, kinda lanky, a little bit shy but still the kind of guy who says what he wanted to say.  I think you're going out with a classmate of yours then, and I, well, though I have my own share of suitors,  is not exactly thinking of going out seriously with anyone then.

Years passed, and our paths crossed again in our junior year, I was a cheerleader and your a varsity player.  You've grown to be one of the cutest guys in school.  Girls seem can't get enough of you and they're doing even the craziest things just to be noticed by you.  But I guess, your attention was already focused on someone else then (me), just like my other suitors, you're also vying for my attention.  Giving me love notes, walking me home, going out with for snack after school.

But I guess, you're not lucky.... I chose the other guy instead.  One afternoon, just right after class, you approached me and told me you're gonna walk me home.  I can't seem to answer coz I already agreed to someone else to walk me home.  As we are nearing the gate, the other guy came and get my bag and books and just said, "Let's go?"  And all I can tell you is, "I'm sorry".  You're such a sport.  You just walked away from us but your drooping shoulders didnt come unnoticed...

I thought that was the end of your courtship.  Unfortunately, my relationship with the other guy didnt seem to work out.  And you were always there during those times that he should be there.  We were more together than me and my boyfriend were.  And little by little, I was drawn to you, your sweetness and thoughtfulness got me thinking that you are actually a better person than my boyfriend.

And so, my boyfriend and I broke up...  And you were there.  I did not ever consider our relationship to be on a rebound coz you have proven yourself to me and that you are worthy of my love.  You are so kind, so sweet, so thoughtful and so true.  Even if you dont like the things, sports, events that I am into, you are always there to support me to the point of learning it as well so you could come with me and join me in any of those things, events.  Our relationship prospered and we enjoyed almost 2 years before things started to go sour...

We were in college, different universities, different people, different lives.  It was then I have realized that I want to explore and broaden my horizon and it seems like you are confining me into our own little world.  I have started to fall away from you, without you realizing it, coz you love me more than before.  It was then that I thought our relationship is so routinary that it got to the point that I got bored.  And so, without further ado, I said goodbye to you... You cant seem to understand why and asked me if you did something wrong or if there is someone else.  But no, how can I explain, there's no one else... its not you... its me... there's nothing wrong with you... And I thought it would be better this way than to hurt you more in the long run... So we broke up... It took sometime for the wound to heal, but you know what, I was quite surprised and happy that we still manage to keep the friendship we had..

Who would ever thought that after more than a decade we would see each other again?  Oh my... You, looking good more than ever.  and since we have kept our friendship, we were able to at least go out with some common friends.  Reminiscing the old days, the good times we had. We laughed, joked around and kept each other up to date as to what has happened in all those years in our lives.  The whole night that we were all together, I kept on stealing glances in your direction, silently observing you, wishfully thinking its still me and you.... asking myself why did I ever let you go... It was that night that I realized,  that even after all those years, my love for you was just like a dormant volcano... its still there, just waiting and bidding its time...

Do you think we still or might have a chance?  


ganda gawan ng story, un bang my dialogue . ;))

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