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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Coming Back Into Your Arms...

      I guess it was in 2005 when you made your presence felt.  I've known you for quite some time but never give you any attention.  You're just there, waiting for me, bidding you're time.  So secured as if  you have that secret knowledge knowing that I would eventually notice you.  Ang lakas ng dating mo at ang daming nahumaling sayo.  Pero no keber pa rin ako.  I mean, why should I? Sino ka ba para pansinin ko??

      Pero, mapaglaro ang tadhana.  It was in 2008 when desperation hit, I just came out of a very unrewarding and very unfair relationship.  That's when I have come to notice you and you're over-powering presence.  Ayoko sana talaga, pero I have no choice.  Dumating ang panahon na kinailangan na kita.  At ikaw naman, you welcomed me with your arms wide open.  As if I really belong to you.  You didn't think na maarte ko even sa pagka-inglesera ko.  Didn't even care if I'm spending most nights with you, actually, you insisted na I spent most of my nights with you, even though you knew that I already have children, ok lang sayo.  Sometimes, you even demanded that I spent most holidays with you rather than with them.  I thought, ok lang naman, since our relationship is beneficial especially for me and my children.  The financial gain that I'm getting from you compensated the hours I spent with you.  You introduced me to different kinds of people and peeked my interest going to new places i've never been into and allowed me to be accustomed in a lifestyle that you had offered.   

       But still in 2010, after 2 years of our fruitful and bountiful relationship, I started getting restless and bored.  It's as if I feel so tied up with you and I don't see any future in our relationship.  There's no emotional growth and i'm kinda getting tired spending my nights with you.  Nakakahiya man aminin, nakakasawa na...  Ayoko ng ganito.  Sometimes I even dread the hour of seeing you.  And thought that It would be best to spend more time with my kids instead of with you.  I guess its time to move on....

      Though it pains you to let me go as you have nurtured and cared for me for the last 2 years.  You still supported my decision.  But as expected, you didn't let me go without a fight, offering me more than I asked for.   You even asked me, what would I do if you let me go?  And I just answered, I need time, I need to be with my children not only during those times that you allowed me to.... 

       And so there I was.  A free woman!  Waking up every morning, katabi ng mga anak ko.  Hindi man ikaw ang kasama ko, mas masaya ko na sila ang makikita ko pagmulat ng mga mata ko...  Actually, I also saw the change in my children's attitude.  They are as happy as a bee knowing that I'm always there for them.  Unlike before nun magkasama pa tayo.  Madalas wala ko sa gabi at di nila ko katabi pagtulog... I was even able to make a blogsite of my own!  Talk about having free time!


        I can't seem to stay away from you.... After more than a year of being separated to you.  Its not really the relationship that I missed... but the benefits I get from you....  Somehow, nakakahiya man aminin... Kinailangan kitang balikan... ayoko man... pero ganon talaga... Kailangan eh... 

        Hay.... call center... sayo na naman ba ang mga gabi ko? kukunin mo na naman ba ang mga holidays na dapat eh pamilya ko ang kasama ko?  But then, again, ganun talaga... Ikaw lang (sa ngayon) ang willing magbigay sakin ng benepisyong kailangan ko.... 

(Ooooopsssss..... teka, long call na naman tong ahenteng to.... puro na lang ACW!)

The End
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Sunday, 27 November 2011

He's back!

                I was in a party when I saw Robert, an "old friend".  He is still, actually more good looking than before.  Before I got the chance of talking to him, I was wheeled to the dance floor by another friend.  We got into the music but I kept on glancing to where he is.  Lucky as I was, he was also looking at me, (checking me out I guess) and he didn't stop there.  He approached the guy I was dancing with and tapped his shoulder. "Pare, can I cut in?"  Albeit reluctant, my friend gave him a chance.  And so, we dance...

                "How are you?" he asked.
                "I'm doing good, ikaw?"
                "I;m ok, good thing pala na nagpunta ko dito."
                "Bakit naman?" I asked.
                "Kasi, ikaw pala makikita ko..."

                Naks naman!  Kilig moment for me.  Kasi naman, he occupied a special place in my heart.  He is my 1st boyfriend and we spent 2 years of togetherness and bliss before we said goodbye.  But we and our families remained friends even after the break-up.

                "Let's sit down muna, so we can catch up"  I suggested.
                "Ok, i'll just go get us some drinks"

                He left me at our table and as I was just talking to one of my friends, two hands covered my eyes from the back and said, "Guess who!"  OMG, I knew who that voice belongs to!  My heart started beating fast, I was speechless, stunned and can't believe my ears... He turned around, slowly took his hands away from my eyes, placed them on the side of my face and kissed me.  And it was as if i was plunged back in time, about a year and a half ago, how could I forget?  His is the kiss that I certainly can't forget, the same lips that I can't stop kissing.  Just looking at his eyes makes my heart flutter and his smile which never failed to make my day right. Bernard is back!

                Still stunned, I asked "Kelan ka pa dumating?"  
                "About a week ago, I asked your cousins where you are and they told me, you would be here, and I wouldn't pass the chance of seeing you again. I missed you."
                "I never thought, you would come back... I thought, wala na talaga... I was so heart-broken when you left without saying goodbye...If only I knew na paalis ka na nun, d ako tumuloy sa out of town trip ko at pumayag akong makipagkita sayo..."
                He silenced me with his kiss and my heart again melted.  He enveloped me in his arms and I felt secured and loved again....

                "Damn, I missed you so much, I should have never left, I have a lot of explaining to do" he said.
                "You have someone else?" dreading his answer.
                "No, even if i want to, I could never get myself fall in love with anyone else but you."

                Robert approached our table, with drinks in his hand, startled in seeing me and Bernard holding hands.  "Here's your drink," seeing the situation, I said, "Umm.. Robert, this is Bernard."  "Pare," extending his hand.  With a curt nod, Bernard acknowledged him, "Pare, can you excuse us for a moment? My pinag-uusapan lang kami?"  Being sport as he is, Robert just shrugged his shoulders, looked at me and said.  "I'll call you tomorrow."  and he walked away.

                 "Who's that guy?" a little bit irritated.
                 "Robert, an old friend of mine."
                 "Friend lang??"
                 "hahaha.. oo naman! Selos ka naman agad, we go a long way back" I just couldn't help smiling, he is back into my life!

                 Our eyes met,  "Let's get out of here, we have so much to talk about." he said.
                 "But... " I weighed the situation.  I really wanted to be with him but I just can't go and leave the party and my friends.
                 "No buts... we'll go somewhere else where we could talk." and with that, he gathered my pouch, took my hand, helped me up, and we headed to the door.

                 Just as we near the door, I saw Glenn walking towards us.  "Oh no.." A little bit drunk, taking my hand, "And where do you think you're going?!" he demanded. Bernard looked at me, "And who is this guy?!" taking back my hand. Bernard and Glenn sizing up each other.
                 Ignoring Bernard, Glenn asked me, "Why aren't you returning my calls and messages? Everytime I go to your house, you're always somewhere else, are you avoiding me?"    
                "Look Glenn, I was just busy with work, I'm sorry, I could have at least texted you but I just don't have the nerve to tell you that... "
                "That what? that you don't love me?"
                "Well, you said it, it's not that I don't like you, but I guess it would be better just to be friends... I ... I... I'm sorry..."
                "Bakit? Kasi bumalik na xa? Ikaw ba si Bernard?  I know all about you, how you left her just like that.  Damn it Faye, he left you for godsake!  I was there, or didn't you just noticed?"    
                "Pare, you heard her, leave her alone!"
                "Hindi ganon kadali un at wag mo kong tawaging pare, hindi tayo magkaibigan!"
                "Please Glenn, don't make a scene, people are starting to listen in to our conversation!  Look, I know you're pissed off and a little bit drunk, but please, let me go...i'm sorry"
                "Let's go." with that, Bernard almost dragged me towards the door and went out.

                We went to our favorite hang-out, a public but private place for lovers, ordered wine and talked.  I know, he was a little bit surprised if not pissed off with what had just happened.  And Im  not about to give him any explanation as there is no need for it.

                With a sigh, he said, "Faye, I'm so sorry for leaving you just like that, but to be honest, I just can't face saying goodbye, especially to you.  That time when I called you asking you to meet me was my sign if I will go or not, but you're out of town.  I took that as sign.  So I went abroad.  There's not a day that passed that I didn't think about you, you're always in my thoughts and dreams.  I just had to bear it coz that's my decision.  But ever since I came back, I didn't waste any time finding you.  You still have my heart.... and I can't let you go..."

               "If you only  knew Bernard, my world shattered when I found out you've gone abroad. For endless nights, I cried myself to sleep thinking what went wrong.  I refused to believe that you're out of my life... I.. I.."

               "Sshh... the important thing is I'm back and I will always be with you, nothing and no one can ever separate us from now on..."  and he silenced me with his sweet kiss, enveloping me in a very tight embrace.  Oh God, I so missed him... and I kissed him back with all passion.  Locked in each other's arms, we kissed passionately and then more urgently, both feeling the fire burning and building up desire... He started taking off his shirt, and then mine.. the feeling is so intense that all we wanted is to feel each other's body and lie down skin to skin.  He started moving and kissing downward my neck, feeling my urgent desire...

               "Faye, I missed you.. Faye... Faye...."

               Eyes closed, I could just hear him uttering and murmuring my name, over and over again.

               "Faye... Faye... Faye...!"

               His voice is now getting louder.... incessantly trying to catch my attention.., but i'm still lost in the sensuous feeling enveloping my being.

              "Faye!" and I felt him shaking my shoulders.

              I opened my eyes, startled, surprised, confused.... where did he go?  Where am I? What is Dianne doing here?

              "Kanina pa kita hinahanap, andito ka lang pala.  Nagmessage si boss, we have a meeting daw starting in 30 mins!"

              And everything was clear, as I focused on my surroundings, I was indeed in a room, but not with Bernard, I was in the sleeping lounge, inside the office premises.  And it was Dianne calling me, not him.

              "Damn, kala ko totoo lahat... panaginip lang pala..."        

The End

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sulyap sa Sarili

ang lahat ng tanong ay may kasagutan,
lahat ng problema, may kalutasan,
lahat ng nawawala ay mahahanap...

pero pano kung ang bulag ay hindi makakita,
ang bingi ay di makarinig,
ang piping di makausal?

maswerte ka pang walang kapansahan,
may laya kang makita ang ganda ng kalikasan,
marinig ang huni ng mga ibon,
mausal sa sintang iniirog ang nadaramang pagmamahal

bakit hindi mo ito gamiting sa tamang paraan?
hindi sa panghuhusga, panlalait o paninira lamang
ang iyong tainga hindi sa tsismisan na walang katapusan
ang iyong matang walang ng nakitang maganda?
ang maigsi mong dila hindi sa kadalahiraan..

mas bigyan mo ng pansin ang ganda ng paligid
pakinggan ang alon ng dagat o lagaslas ng tubig
gamitin sa pagpupuri ang matamis mong dila
ipakita, iparamdam ang iyong pagkadakila.

Ang pagkakalinlanlan ay hindi dahil sa yaman
sa gara ng iyong kasuotan
sa ningning ng alahas sa katawan
o sa modelo ng iyong sasakyan

payak man ang iyong gayak
kung kalooban nama'y busilak
di hamak ikaw ay aangat
ng higit pa sa mga taong palasak.

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Monday, 10 October 2011

missin u...

i miss your calls, your messages
your sweet nothings, your tender caress
i miss the way you treat me, like a princess
when im with you i feel like such a lady

you made me feel im so beautiful
you're damn so proud when im with you
you never let go of my hand
as if you dont want to let go...

but then you have to leave,,,
to a far away land, you have to be,,
we knew for a fact that you have to
but its sooner than expected..
do you really have to go?

Friday, 7 October 2011

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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


OctoberFest Na!  At para naman maiba at lagi na lang nasa Manila, why not try to have the Octoberfest Mania in the province like... Cebu! Davao! CDO, or Bacolod kaya???  Cebu Pacific again gives us another reason why we should not be experience Octoberfest not just in Manila as they again brings back the Php88 seat sale promo till October 7, 2011 to different provinces and selective international flights as follows:  

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O ano pa iniintay mo??? Pa-book ka na at baka maubusan ka!

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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Sulyap Ngiti

This is my entry to the Isang Minutong Smile Quotes Contest
first timer po kaya inyong pagpaumanhinan
bago man ako sa ganitong larangan
Nais ko lang magbahagi ng konting karunungan..

"Sulyap tanaw lang ang kaya kong gawin 
Di makalapit ang gaya kong mahiyain  
Ngunit di alintana, malayo man ang iyong tingin, 
Isang ngiti mo lang, sapat na upang kita'y mahalin..."

Salamat sa mabubuting sponsors ng pakontes SMILE Quotes Contest : Field of DreamsAlohagems on SquidooISP101 at from the dungeOn.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Celebration of LOVE

Every 4th monday of September was declared as National Family day known as The “FaMEALy Day” with its rationale as follows:
Through the untiring efforts of Lucky Me!, the first National FaMEALy Day – Araw ng Pagkilala na Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga was launched in 2008. FaMEALy Day became a nationwide call to celebrate family dining every 4th Monday of September as supported through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the National Committee for Filipino Families (NCFF). Last September 30, 2009, Presidential Proclamation 1895 was issued declaring the commemoration of the Filipino Family Day every 4 th Monday of September. Coincidentally, National FaMEALy Day coincides with the first day of DSWD’s National Family Week.
This is a very good call for all Filipinos, as we are very well known to be a very close-knit family, who just can't get enough of family celebrations.  This is also a venue for every Filipino family to rekindle ties or just be plain updated with each family member.  Let's face it, with the fast track kind of life we live in, most families can't even dine together much more pray together. 

As to my own opinion, why wait for the National Family Day to have dinner together?  Di nga ba't isa ito sa ating kinalakihan na dapat ay lahat present sa hapag-kainan tuwing oras ng pananghalian o hapunan?  Nakakalungkot isipin na sa panahon ngaun ay nawawala na esensya ng pagiging isang pamilya.  Hindi komo may kanya kanya na tayong buhay ay may kanya kanya na rin tayo ng oras ng pagkain.  OO nga at, bawat isa ay may kanikanyang mahahalagang gawain at lakad na dapat tugunan, ngunit hindi nga ba't lahat ng ating ginagawa ay para sa ating ikauunlad at sa ating pamilya?  Hindi natin dapat kalimutan na ang simula ng lahat at ginagawa natin ang lahat para sa ating pamilya, higit sa kaninuman pa.  Not for your boss, for your friend, not for your lover, your peers, but definitely for your family.  

While I was growing up, I distinctly remember that even if we have different school schedules at home and both of my parents are working and that we were never able to have breakfast or lunch together, we see to it that everybody is present for dinner.  I can fondly remember, our neighbors used to say, "Hapunan na sa mga Calipes".  I was really wondering what they meant by that when one of them told that to me jokingly.  They would say, "Alam na alam namin pag dinner nyo na eh!".  And then I realize that dinner time is the noisiest time of the day in our household. It is our time to bond and tell stories as to what happened to us during the day.  That is also the time where we get snips of wisdom from our parents.  No matter how busy they are, both of them are at home by dinner.  My mom would usually conjure up a very savory dish or (sometimes just plain pritong talong and alamang would do), but the atmosphere around the table would be the same.  No matter what is on for dinner, we share it and attack it with gusto along with the stories of the day. 

Now that I have my own family, I see to it as well that everybody is present for dinner, no matter how tired I am, I make sure that I prepare every meal with TLC.  That is my secret recipe.  My kids would always tell me, "Mama, ang sarap ng luto mo! Ano nilagay mo dito?"  Then I would just say, "TLC!"  Even if it is just fried or a very sumptuous meal, always cook with TLC.

What is TLC?  Tender Loving Care.  Show our love ones how we love them dearly in any way we can.  It need not be an expensive gift or an out of town to show them we care.  Sharing a good meal with TLC and  stories of the day is something that they would remember... even when they grow up. :-) Don't wait for the 4th monday of September, everyday should be FAmily Day, a celebration of LOVE :-)

Even as of this day that me and my sisters have our families, we still make it a point to have at least once a month (sometimes twice if we simply can't get enough lol) family day with our parents.  But this time, we usually just bring our own food planned accordingly so as walang dobleng ulam or something.  And again, the neighbors would know if we are complete because of the noise! hehehe...

by the way, please feel free to leave a comment and share it to your wall or friends by clicking on the icon below (FB, Twitter, etc) Spread the LOVE!!!

(my mom and dad with their grandchildren in one of our family day's get together )

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Timeline - Another Change on Facebook Layout

As you have noticed, FB kept on changing its preface and layout that it resulted to so much confusion, frustration and plain disappointment from its avid users. 

Dear Facebook,

Gusto kita nung simple ka. Bakit ngayon nagsisimula ka ng umarte at maging komplikado. Natatakot ako na dumating ang araw na baka magaya ka sa kapatid mung si Friendster na ngayon ay laos na at puro laro nalang ang alam sa buhay at sa pinsan mong si Multiply na kung ano-ano na ang binebenta. Mabuti pa ang kapatid mong si Twitter kahit puro daldal at chismis ay nananatiling simple. At ang pinsan mong si Tumblr, na bagamat may sariling mundo ay piniling maging payak at tahimik. Wag ka masyado maghangad ng pagbabago at baka ito ang ikasira mo. Nahihirapan na akong intindihin ang mga ginagawa mo. Magsilbi din sanang banta sayo ang pagdating ng iyong karibal na si Google+. 

pinaka adik mong user.

Facebook is the exact manifestation of “Nothing is permanent except change”  Lol. 

Facebook had just (again!) introduced a new application Timeline.  I thought this is just another “pampagulo” they have created to continually confuse FB users.  However, when I saw a couple of friends published it (used It), curiosity got the best out of me. I have checked the tutorial and find it cool!  The timeline not only displays your activities but also status updates, photos, videos etc in a timely manner from the latest till you started your facebook account in one readable, manageable and is so easy to navigate without leaving the Profile page.  Just scroll down and you would see your Facebook life in one page! 

After editing your profile, you have the option to publish it now or just wait for it to be published on October 1, 2011 along with all Facebook users.  So, this article is just actually a heads up for another change in Facebook layout.

To create your facebook timeline,

First, go to then on the upper-right corner, click "Create New App"
2. Enter your Full Name and the address for your app eg. "fhecalipesprofile"
3. Answer the captcha challege
4. On the left side, look for and click "Open Graph" and on the Action Types, enter anything on the first and second box eg. People can WORSHIP a COOL GAL LIKE ME.
5. Click the Get Started button then go to you profile page and click Get It Now.

By the way, tnx Kurog Rodriguez for the tip,  I have created my application in just 10 minutes!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ang Simula ng Wakas - Towards Oblivion

 Love is like a violin, the strings are always there, but sometimes the music gets lost. 

          “I’m so fed-up! Lagi na lang bang ganito? I can’t even remember  when was the last time we talked as in real talk without ending up in argument”  angal ni Angela kay Julie, bestfriend nya mula pa noong highschool na isa sa mga saksi ng pag-usbong ng pamamahalan ng mag-asawa mula noong umpisa.
          “Alam mo tol, ganyan talaga, life is not a bed of roses.  All of those problems that you have in your marriage would only strengthen it.  Malalagpasan nyo rin yan.  Look, madami na kayong pinagdaanan, ngayon ka pa ba susuko?”
           “Ewan ko ba Julie, feeling ko, unti unti na kaming lumalayo sa isa’t isa.  Ni hindi na naming nareresolve even yun mga maliliit na problema.  Patong patong na.. siguro we need some space muna..”         
            “Ow c’mon Angela, hindi solusyon yan, alam mo yan.  It would only further aggravate the situation” payo ni Julie.
             Kahit si Rommel ay ramdam na ramdam na rin ang madalas na pag-aaway nila ni Angela.  Mas napapadalas tuloy ang pagsama nya sa barkada nang sa gayon ay tulog na ang asawa pag-uwi nya.

             “Hindi ko na alam gagawin ko pare.  Minsan ayoko na umuwi. Pakiramdam ko wala akong kwentang lalaki.  Ni hindi nasusunod ang mga gusto ko sa bahay.  Putsa pare, lagi na lang sya, natatapakan na pagkakalalaki ko ah!”  bulalas ni Rommel sa kaibigan.
              “Pare, lasing ka lang.  Bakit hindi kayo mag-usap ni mare?  Lahat naman yan nadadaan sa usapan, baka hindi lang kayo nagkakaunawaan.” Payo ng kaibigan.
               Kahit ngkakagayon na ang sitwasyon ng mag-asawa, pinipilit pa rin nilang isalba ang kanilang pagsasama.  Parehas nilang sinubukan na maresolbahan ang mga dumadaang problema.  Ngunit sadyang malupit ang tadhana.  Dumating na sila sa punto na halos nag-iiwasan na sila kahit sa loob ng kanilang pamamahay para lamang maiwasan ang mga argumento sa pagitan nila. 
               Nalipat ng trabaho si Rommel sa Alabang na may kalayuan sa kanilang tirahan.  Napagkasunduan nila na mangupahan na lang si Rommel doon upang makatipid ito sa oras at hindi masyado mapagod sa byahe at lingguhan na lang uuwi ito sa kanilang bahay sa Angono.   Habang nag-eempake sila ng kanyang mga gamit, “Wag mong pababayaan ang mga bata huh” ani ni Rommel.

               “Oo naman, ito naman kung makapagsalita para kang mag-aabroad. Lingguhan naman ang uwi mo.”

        “Sa palagay mo ba mas ok ang ganito?”
         “Yeah, I think its for the best… ito siguro ang kailangan natin para makapagisip-isip rin tayo…”


Flying to domestic or international destination has never been so affordable till different airlines started their own promos and gimmicks to promote sales and tourism.   These promos made it possible for the ordinary Juan to travel to different destinations by taking advantage of seat sales be it domestic or international.  Different airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Airphil and Zest Air continually kick off promos and tickets to entice people to travel. 

Out of the 4 airlines, I lean more to Cebu Pacific because of their Piso Fare Seat Sales which I have noticed had been on a regular monthly basis.  They even had the Php .88 cents sale from Cebu to nearby provinces.  Check out the CEBU PACIFIC website for more details and to grab your seats.  I have booked mine, why don’t you?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

An Simula ng Wakas - The Journey

                “Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, through sickness and health, for richer and poorer till death do you part?”
                “Yes, I do”
                “And now I pronounce you husband and wife!”
                “Wish you all the best!”
                Nakakainggit sila!
                “I love you so much, I’ll do everything for you..”
                Hoy, langgamin kayong dalawa dyan, mamaya pa honeymoon!
                “And I will love u as long as I live…”
                Cheers pare! Umpisahan nyo na para makarami haha!
               Walang mapagsidlan ng tuwa ang mga bagong kasal.  Kitang kita ng mga bisita ang tunay na pagmamahalan na namamagitan sa magsing-irog, bakas na bakas ang ligaya sa kanilang mga mukha at nagniningning sa kasiyahan ang kanilang mga mata.
               Iyon ang simula ng kanilang paglalakabay sa masalimuot na buhay ng pag-aasawa. Konting tampuhan, minsan may problema, ngunit mas nanaig ang pagmamahal nila sa isa’t isa.  Nagbunga ng dalawang anak ang kanilang pagsasama na lalong mas nagpatibay sa kanilang pamilya.  

               "Hon, hindi muna ko papasok ng mga ilang araw..."  sabi ni Rommel isang umaga.
               "Bakit? Masama ba pakiramdam mo?"
               "Well, hindi naman. Pero.."
               "Pero ano?  Hon, alam mo naman dami natin gastos, di natin afford ngaun na hindi ka magpapasok.." sagot ni Angela.
              "E kasi..."
              "Eh kasi ano?"
              "Eh kasi ipapasyal ko sana kayong mag-iina sa baguio eh, pero kung ayaw mo, e di papasok na lang ako hehehe!" nakangising sabi ni Rommel sa asawa.
             " Awww.... ikaw talaga! hahaha, syempre, go na! Kelan tayo aalis?" tuwang tuwang sabi ni Angela.
             " Hindi na, wag na lang, papasok na lang ako, marami nga pala ko trabaho hehehe" panunukso ni Rommel.
            "Hon naman eh!" sabay kurot sa asawa.  

            Kahit parehas silang abala sa pagtataguyod at pagpapalaki ng kanilang pamilya, hindi pa rin nila pinababayaan ang relasyon nila bilang mag-asawa.  Para pa rin silang bagong kasal, sa kulitan, harutan, lambingan.  
               Ngunit minsan, sadyang hindi sapat ang pagmamahalan lamang.  Binugbog ng sunod sunod na problema ang mag-asawa na humantong sa madalas na pag-aaway at hindi pagkakasundo ng dalawa kahit sa mga maliliit na bagay.

to be continued

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ang Simula ng Wakas - Ang Pagkikilala

                “Hi guys, how’s everyone?!”  humahangos na bati ng dalaga, halatang napagod sa pag-akyat sa 5th floor na tambayan nila sa North Wing ng PUP.  Kahit pagod, di maiwasan ang panakaw na tingin ng ibang estudyante sa bagong dating.  Kung tutuusin, maliit lang sya, 5’1, medyo morena, one-sided hair na lagpas balikat ang haba, balingkinitang katawan at maamong mukha pero mapang-agaw eksena.

                “Sino yun?”
                “Yon? Ah, si Angela, head ng Women’s Org pare.  Bakit interesado ka?  Hindi ka papasa dyan!  Dami na na-busted nyan!”
                “Anong college nya pare?” tanong ni Rommel.
                “Accountancy. Sus pare, malabo ka dyan kung may balak ka, feminist yan eh!”
                Interesado talaga si Rommel habang tinitigan ang dalaga na ngayon ay kausap ang grupo nya at masasayang nagpapalitan ng mga kwento tungkol sa katatapos lang na summer vacation.  Hindi naman sya alangan sa dalaga, 3rd yr sa College of Business, 5’7”, maputi, at isa sa mga habulin ng mga babae sa naturang Unibersidad.

                Unang session ng swimming classes, halos lahat ay nakapalibot na sa swimming pool.  Kanya-kanyang “window shopping” ang mga estudyante.     Kagaya din ng ibang kalalakihan, palinga-linga rin si Rommel sa mga naroroon.  Nang my umagaw ng kanyang pansin… Talaga nga naman kapag sinuswerte talaga oh!

Hi classmate! I’m Rommel” bati nya sa kaklase.
“uh hi! I’m Angela”.       
            “Ummm… my itatanong sana ko sayo eh, ok lang ba?”
            “Sure, what is it?”
“ah eh, my sakit ka ba?”
            “Huh? Wala naman bakit?”                                 
            “Kasi gusto sana kitang dalawin eh!”      
            “Hahaha, ayos pick-up line mo ah!”
            “Hahaha, no, honestly, if its ok, pwede ba kita yayain later after class? Say, let’s have a snack or coffee or something?”
              He’s kinda cute, medyo corny pero at least he could make me laugh.. “Basta ba libre mo eh!”  sagot ni Angela.
              “Alright! It’s a date then!”
              Ang unang date ay nasundan pa hanggang sa maging “inseparable item” na sila sa Unibersidad.  Lagi silang magkasama, sinusundo ni Rommel si Angela pagkatapos ng klase, inihahatid sa bahay, at talagang ipinararamdam sa dalaga ang seryosong interes nya.
               “Hindi ka ba napapagod?” tanong ni Rommel.
                “Saan? Sa klase? Sa organization ko? Bakit?”
                “Kasi kanina ka pa tumatakbo sa isip ko eh!”
                “Hahahaha.  Alam mo, you’re so corny!”
                “Kidding aside, hindi k aba natatakot sa mga rallies nyo?”
                “Well, minsan, pero nag-iingat naman kami”
                “Kasi pag nahuli ka, gusto ko sana dito ka na lang ikulong sa puso ko hehehe”

                Lagi silang masaya, at talagang nag-eenjoy sa company ng bawat isa.  Kahit my mga differences sa napakaraming bagay, mas lalo lang itong naging daan para mas makilala nila ang isa’t isa.  

to be continued

Ang Simula ng Wakas - The Prologue



                “Pwede ba tayong mag-usap?” tanong ni Rommel.  Alas dos ng madaling araw at kararating lang nya galing sa pagtatrabaho bilang bartender sa isang fine dining restaurant sa alabang. 

                "Inaantok na ko, maaga pa pasok ko bukas" sagot ni Angela.  Sa itsura pa lang ni Rommel, mukang intoksikado ito ng alak at ayaw ni Angela ng isa na naman komprontasyon sa kalagitnaan ng kahibimbingan ng mga natutulog.

                "Sandali lang, please?" pakiusap ni Rommel.  At para di na ito mangulit pa, tumayo si Angela, at ngpunta sa sala.  "O sige, ano naman ang pag-uusapan natin?" sabay sindi ng sigarilyo at ipinararamdam ng husto na hindi sya interesado sa kung ano mang sasabihin ng asawa.

                "Ano ba nangyayari satin? Ganito na lang ba tayo?" ani Rommel. 

                "Bakit? Ok naman tayo ah. Andun ka sa Alabang, andito kami ng mga bata. Walang problema"

                "So ganun na lang yon? Para mong sinasabi na mas ok pa na mgkahiwalay tayo.."

                "Ikaw ang nagsabi nyan hindi ako, look, ayoko ng away, pagod din ako, kailangan ko din ng pahinga"  iritadong sagot ni Angela.

                Napatingin si Angela sa kanyang asawa, kung pwede lang ibalik ang panahon, sana wala tayo sa ganitong sitwasyon.  Kailan nga ba nagumpisa o nagwakas ang lahat? Kailan nagumpisa ang paghihiwalay ng dalawang pusong sumumpang magmahalan hanggang kamatayan?  Kailan nagwakas ang saya ng isang napakatamis na pagsasama?

to be continued...

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Have you ever had that kind of feeling of longing not really for someone to be with but actually longing for the feeling? I dont know, I cant seem to find what im looking for... Unknowingly, I might have found it and just let it slip away...

hindi ko makita ang aking hinahanap,
di marinig ang nais pakinggan,
di mahaplos ang nais mahawakan,
di matanaw ang nais masulyapan...

para akong isang ligaw na kaluluwa
sa isang gubat na napakadilim at napakalawak
daang hindi makikita kita
upang ang liwanag ay muli masilayan 

bakit kay ilap ng tadhana?
pag-ibig na ninanais hindi na makita kita?
minsan ka ng nakita, bakit nawala ka pa?
sadya bang hindi tayo para sa isa't isa?

sadyang kay lupit ng kapalaran
ang pagtibok ng puso minsan di mapigilan
ngunit paano pa ito maisasakatuparan?
kung tali tayo at magkalayo
kahit kailanmay hindi mabubuo....

hanggang kailan magtitiis,
ang aking puso na puno ng paghihinagpis?
hanggang kailan ko kailangan maghintay?
sa iyong pagbabalik, kung kailan ay di ko alam...


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