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Monday, 26 September 2011

Celebration of LOVE

Every 4th monday of September was declared as National Family day known as The “FaMEALy Day” with its rationale as follows:
Through the untiring efforts of Lucky Me!, the first National FaMEALy Day – Araw ng Pagkilala na Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga was launched in 2008. FaMEALy Day became a nationwide call to celebrate family dining every 4th Monday of September as supported through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the National Committee for Filipino Families (NCFF). Last September 30, 2009, Presidential Proclamation 1895 was issued declaring the commemoration of the Filipino Family Day every 4 th Monday of September. Coincidentally, National FaMEALy Day coincides with the first day of DSWD’s National Family Week.
This is a very good call for all Filipinos, as we are very well known to be a very close-knit family, who just can't get enough of family celebrations.  This is also a venue for every Filipino family to rekindle ties or just be plain updated with each family member.  Let's face it, with the fast track kind of life we live in, most families can't even dine together much more pray together. 

As to my own opinion, why wait for the National Family Day to have dinner together?  Di nga ba't isa ito sa ating kinalakihan na dapat ay lahat present sa hapag-kainan tuwing oras ng pananghalian o hapunan?  Nakakalungkot isipin na sa panahon ngaun ay nawawala na esensya ng pagiging isang pamilya.  Hindi komo may kanya kanya na tayong buhay ay may kanya kanya na rin tayo ng oras ng pagkain.  OO nga at, bawat isa ay may kanikanyang mahahalagang gawain at lakad na dapat tugunan, ngunit hindi nga ba't lahat ng ating ginagawa ay para sa ating ikauunlad at sa ating pamilya?  Hindi natin dapat kalimutan na ang simula ng lahat at ginagawa natin ang lahat para sa ating pamilya, higit sa kaninuman pa.  Not for your boss, for your friend, not for your lover, your peers, but definitely for your family.  

While I was growing up, I distinctly remember that even if we have different school schedules at home and both of my parents are working and that we were never able to have breakfast or lunch together, we see to it that everybody is present for dinner.  I can fondly remember, our neighbors used to say, "Hapunan na sa mga Calipes".  I was really wondering what they meant by that when one of them told that to me jokingly.  They would say, "Alam na alam namin pag dinner nyo na eh!".  And then I realize that dinner time is the noisiest time of the day in our household. It is our time to bond and tell stories as to what happened to us during the day.  That is also the time where we get snips of wisdom from our parents.  No matter how busy they are, both of them are at home by dinner.  My mom would usually conjure up a very savory dish or (sometimes just plain pritong talong and alamang would do), but the atmosphere around the table would be the same.  No matter what is on for dinner, we share it and attack it with gusto along with the stories of the day. 

Now that I have my own family, I see to it as well that everybody is present for dinner, no matter how tired I am, I make sure that I prepare every meal with TLC.  That is my secret recipe.  My kids would always tell me, "Mama, ang sarap ng luto mo! Ano nilagay mo dito?"  Then I would just say, "TLC!"  Even if it is just fried or a very sumptuous meal, always cook with TLC.

What is TLC?  Tender Loving Care.  Show our love ones how we love them dearly in any way we can.  It need not be an expensive gift or an out of town to show them we care.  Sharing a good meal with TLC and  stories of the day is something that they would remember... even when they grow up. :-) Don't wait for the 4th monday of September, everyday should be FAmily Day, a celebration of LOVE :-)

Even as of this day that me and my sisters have our families, we still make it a point to have at least once a month (sometimes twice if we simply can't get enough lol) family day with our parents.  But this time, we usually just bring our own food planned accordingly so as walang dobleng ulam or something.  And again, the neighbors would know if we are complete because of the noise! hehehe...

by the way, please feel free to leave a comment and share it to your wall or friends by clicking on the icon below (FB, Twitter, etc) Spread the LOVE!!!

(my mom and dad with their grandchildren in one of our family day's get together )

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Timeline - Another Change on Facebook Layout

As you have noticed, FB kept on changing its preface and layout that it resulted to so much confusion, frustration and plain disappointment from its avid users. 

Dear Facebook,

Gusto kita nung simple ka. Bakit ngayon nagsisimula ka ng umarte at maging komplikado. Natatakot ako na dumating ang araw na baka magaya ka sa kapatid mung si Friendster na ngayon ay laos na at puro laro nalang ang alam sa buhay at sa pinsan mong si Multiply na kung ano-ano na ang binebenta. Mabuti pa ang kapatid mong si Twitter kahit puro daldal at chismis ay nananatiling simple. At ang pinsan mong si Tumblr, na bagamat may sariling mundo ay piniling maging payak at tahimik. Wag ka masyado maghangad ng pagbabago at baka ito ang ikasira mo. Nahihirapan na akong intindihin ang mga ginagawa mo. Magsilbi din sanang banta sayo ang pagdating ng iyong karibal na si Google+. 

pinaka adik mong user.

Facebook is the exact manifestation of “Nothing is permanent except change”  Lol. 

Facebook had just (again!) introduced a new application Timeline.  I thought this is just another “pampagulo” they have created to continually confuse FB users.  However, when I saw a couple of friends published it (used It), curiosity got the best out of me. I have checked the tutorial and find it cool!  The timeline not only displays your activities but also status updates, photos, videos etc in a timely manner from the latest till you started your facebook account in one readable, manageable and is so easy to navigate without leaving the Profile page.  Just scroll down and you would see your Facebook life in one page! 

After editing your profile, you have the option to publish it now or just wait for it to be published on October 1, 2011 along with all Facebook users.  So, this article is just actually a heads up for another change in Facebook layout.

To create your facebook timeline,

First, go to then on the upper-right corner, click "Create New App"
2. Enter your Full Name and the address for your app eg. "fhecalipesprofile"
3. Answer the captcha challege
4. On the left side, look for and click "Open Graph" and on the Action Types, enter anything on the first and second box eg. People can WORSHIP a COOL GAL LIKE ME.
5. Click the Get Started button then go to you profile page and click Get It Now.

By the way, tnx Kurog Rodriguez for the tip,  I have created my application in just 10 minutes!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ang Simula ng Wakas - Towards Oblivion

 Love is like a violin, the strings are always there, but sometimes the music gets lost. 

          “I’m so fed-up! Lagi na lang bang ganito? I can’t even remember  when was the last time we talked as in real talk without ending up in argument”  angal ni Angela kay Julie, bestfriend nya mula pa noong highschool na isa sa mga saksi ng pag-usbong ng pamamahalan ng mag-asawa mula noong umpisa.
          “Alam mo tol, ganyan talaga, life is not a bed of roses.  All of those problems that you have in your marriage would only strengthen it.  Malalagpasan nyo rin yan.  Look, madami na kayong pinagdaanan, ngayon ka pa ba susuko?”
           “Ewan ko ba Julie, feeling ko, unti unti na kaming lumalayo sa isa’t isa.  Ni hindi na naming nareresolve even yun mga maliliit na problema.  Patong patong na.. siguro we need some space muna..”         
            “Ow c’mon Angela, hindi solusyon yan, alam mo yan.  It would only further aggravate the situation” payo ni Julie.
             Kahit si Rommel ay ramdam na ramdam na rin ang madalas na pag-aaway nila ni Angela.  Mas napapadalas tuloy ang pagsama nya sa barkada nang sa gayon ay tulog na ang asawa pag-uwi nya.

             “Hindi ko na alam gagawin ko pare.  Minsan ayoko na umuwi. Pakiramdam ko wala akong kwentang lalaki.  Ni hindi nasusunod ang mga gusto ko sa bahay.  Putsa pare, lagi na lang sya, natatapakan na pagkakalalaki ko ah!”  bulalas ni Rommel sa kaibigan.
              “Pare, lasing ka lang.  Bakit hindi kayo mag-usap ni mare?  Lahat naman yan nadadaan sa usapan, baka hindi lang kayo nagkakaunawaan.” Payo ng kaibigan.
               Kahit ngkakagayon na ang sitwasyon ng mag-asawa, pinipilit pa rin nilang isalba ang kanilang pagsasama.  Parehas nilang sinubukan na maresolbahan ang mga dumadaang problema.  Ngunit sadyang malupit ang tadhana.  Dumating na sila sa punto na halos nag-iiwasan na sila kahit sa loob ng kanilang pamamahay para lamang maiwasan ang mga argumento sa pagitan nila. 
               Nalipat ng trabaho si Rommel sa Alabang na may kalayuan sa kanilang tirahan.  Napagkasunduan nila na mangupahan na lang si Rommel doon upang makatipid ito sa oras at hindi masyado mapagod sa byahe at lingguhan na lang uuwi ito sa kanilang bahay sa Angono.   Habang nag-eempake sila ng kanyang mga gamit, “Wag mong pababayaan ang mga bata huh” ani ni Rommel.

               “Oo naman, ito naman kung makapagsalita para kang mag-aabroad. Lingguhan naman ang uwi mo.”

        “Sa palagay mo ba mas ok ang ganito?”
         “Yeah, I think its for the best… ito siguro ang kailangan natin para makapagisip-isip rin tayo…”


Flying to domestic or international destination has never been so affordable till different airlines started their own promos and gimmicks to promote sales and tourism.   These promos made it possible for the ordinary Juan to travel to different destinations by taking advantage of seat sales be it domestic or international.  Different airlines such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Airphil and Zest Air continually kick off promos and tickets to entice people to travel. 

Out of the 4 airlines, I lean more to Cebu Pacific because of their Piso Fare Seat Sales which I have noticed had been on a regular monthly basis.  They even had the Php .88 cents sale from Cebu to nearby provinces.  Check out the CEBU PACIFIC website for more details and to grab your seats.  I have booked mine, why don’t you?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

An Simula ng Wakas - The Journey

                “Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, through sickness and health, for richer and poorer till death do you part?”
                “Yes, I do”
                “And now I pronounce you husband and wife!”
                “Wish you all the best!”
                Nakakainggit sila!
                “I love you so much, I’ll do everything for you..”
                Hoy, langgamin kayong dalawa dyan, mamaya pa honeymoon!
                “And I will love u as long as I live…”
                Cheers pare! Umpisahan nyo na para makarami haha!
               Walang mapagsidlan ng tuwa ang mga bagong kasal.  Kitang kita ng mga bisita ang tunay na pagmamahalan na namamagitan sa magsing-irog, bakas na bakas ang ligaya sa kanilang mga mukha at nagniningning sa kasiyahan ang kanilang mga mata.
               Iyon ang simula ng kanilang paglalakabay sa masalimuot na buhay ng pag-aasawa. Konting tampuhan, minsan may problema, ngunit mas nanaig ang pagmamahal nila sa isa’t isa.  Nagbunga ng dalawang anak ang kanilang pagsasama na lalong mas nagpatibay sa kanilang pamilya.  

               "Hon, hindi muna ko papasok ng mga ilang araw..."  sabi ni Rommel isang umaga.
               "Bakit? Masama ba pakiramdam mo?"
               "Well, hindi naman. Pero.."
               "Pero ano?  Hon, alam mo naman dami natin gastos, di natin afford ngaun na hindi ka magpapasok.." sagot ni Angela.
              "E kasi..."
              "Eh kasi ano?"
              "Eh kasi ipapasyal ko sana kayong mag-iina sa baguio eh, pero kung ayaw mo, e di papasok na lang ako hehehe!" nakangising sabi ni Rommel sa asawa.
             " Awww.... ikaw talaga! hahaha, syempre, go na! Kelan tayo aalis?" tuwang tuwang sabi ni Angela.
             " Hindi na, wag na lang, papasok na lang ako, marami nga pala ko trabaho hehehe" panunukso ni Rommel.
            "Hon naman eh!" sabay kurot sa asawa.  

            Kahit parehas silang abala sa pagtataguyod at pagpapalaki ng kanilang pamilya, hindi pa rin nila pinababayaan ang relasyon nila bilang mag-asawa.  Para pa rin silang bagong kasal, sa kulitan, harutan, lambingan.  
               Ngunit minsan, sadyang hindi sapat ang pagmamahalan lamang.  Binugbog ng sunod sunod na problema ang mag-asawa na humantong sa madalas na pag-aaway at hindi pagkakasundo ng dalawa kahit sa mga maliliit na bagay.

to be continued

Friday, 16 September 2011

Ang Simula ng Wakas - Ang Pagkikilala

                “Hi guys, how’s everyone?!”  humahangos na bati ng dalaga, halatang napagod sa pag-akyat sa 5th floor na tambayan nila sa North Wing ng PUP.  Kahit pagod, di maiwasan ang panakaw na tingin ng ibang estudyante sa bagong dating.  Kung tutuusin, maliit lang sya, 5’1, medyo morena, one-sided hair na lagpas balikat ang haba, balingkinitang katawan at maamong mukha pero mapang-agaw eksena.

                “Sino yun?”
                “Yon? Ah, si Angela, head ng Women’s Org pare.  Bakit interesado ka?  Hindi ka papasa dyan!  Dami na na-busted nyan!”
                “Anong college nya pare?” tanong ni Rommel.
                “Accountancy. Sus pare, malabo ka dyan kung may balak ka, feminist yan eh!”
                Interesado talaga si Rommel habang tinitigan ang dalaga na ngayon ay kausap ang grupo nya at masasayang nagpapalitan ng mga kwento tungkol sa katatapos lang na summer vacation.  Hindi naman sya alangan sa dalaga, 3rd yr sa College of Business, 5’7”, maputi, at isa sa mga habulin ng mga babae sa naturang Unibersidad.

                Unang session ng swimming classes, halos lahat ay nakapalibot na sa swimming pool.  Kanya-kanyang “window shopping” ang mga estudyante.     Kagaya din ng ibang kalalakihan, palinga-linga rin si Rommel sa mga naroroon.  Nang my umagaw ng kanyang pansin… Talaga nga naman kapag sinuswerte talaga oh!

Hi classmate! I’m Rommel” bati nya sa kaklase.
“uh hi! I’m Angela”.       
            “Ummm… my itatanong sana ko sayo eh, ok lang ba?”
            “Sure, what is it?”
“ah eh, my sakit ka ba?”
            “Huh? Wala naman bakit?”                                 
            “Kasi gusto sana kitang dalawin eh!”      
            “Hahaha, ayos pick-up line mo ah!”
            “Hahaha, no, honestly, if its ok, pwede ba kita yayain later after class? Say, let’s have a snack or coffee or something?”
              He’s kinda cute, medyo corny pero at least he could make me laugh.. “Basta ba libre mo eh!”  sagot ni Angela.
              “Alright! It’s a date then!”
              Ang unang date ay nasundan pa hanggang sa maging “inseparable item” na sila sa Unibersidad.  Lagi silang magkasama, sinusundo ni Rommel si Angela pagkatapos ng klase, inihahatid sa bahay, at talagang ipinararamdam sa dalaga ang seryosong interes nya.
               “Hindi ka ba napapagod?” tanong ni Rommel.
                “Saan? Sa klase? Sa organization ko? Bakit?”
                “Kasi kanina ka pa tumatakbo sa isip ko eh!”
                “Hahahaha.  Alam mo, you’re so corny!”
                “Kidding aside, hindi k aba natatakot sa mga rallies nyo?”
                “Well, minsan, pero nag-iingat naman kami”
                “Kasi pag nahuli ka, gusto ko sana dito ka na lang ikulong sa puso ko hehehe”

                Lagi silang masaya, at talagang nag-eenjoy sa company ng bawat isa.  Kahit my mga differences sa napakaraming bagay, mas lalo lang itong naging daan para mas makilala nila ang isa’t isa.  

to be continued

Ang Simula ng Wakas - The Prologue



                “Pwede ba tayong mag-usap?” tanong ni Rommel.  Alas dos ng madaling araw at kararating lang nya galing sa pagtatrabaho bilang bartender sa isang fine dining restaurant sa alabang. 

                "Inaantok na ko, maaga pa pasok ko bukas" sagot ni Angela.  Sa itsura pa lang ni Rommel, mukang intoksikado ito ng alak at ayaw ni Angela ng isa na naman komprontasyon sa kalagitnaan ng kahibimbingan ng mga natutulog.

                "Sandali lang, please?" pakiusap ni Rommel.  At para di na ito mangulit pa, tumayo si Angela, at ngpunta sa sala.  "O sige, ano naman ang pag-uusapan natin?" sabay sindi ng sigarilyo at ipinararamdam ng husto na hindi sya interesado sa kung ano mang sasabihin ng asawa.

                "Ano ba nangyayari satin? Ganito na lang ba tayo?" ani Rommel. 

                "Bakit? Ok naman tayo ah. Andun ka sa Alabang, andito kami ng mga bata. Walang problema"

                "So ganun na lang yon? Para mong sinasabi na mas ok pa na mgkahiwalay tayo.."

                "Ikaw ang nagsabi nyan hindi ako, look, ayoko ng away, pagod din ako, kailangan ko din ng pahinga"  iritadong sagot ni Angela.

                Napatingin si Angela sa kanyang asawa, kung pwede lang ibalik ang panahon, sana wala tayo sa ganitong sitwasyon.  Kailan nga ba nagumpisa o nagwakas ang lahat? Kailan nagumpisa ang paghihiwalay ng dalawang pusong sumumpang magmahalan hanggang kamatayan?  Kailan nagwakas ang saya ng isang napakatamis na pagsasama?

to be continued...

Thursday, 15 September 2011


Have you ever had that kind of feeling of longing not really for someone to be with but actually longing for the feeling? I dont know, I cant seem to find what im looking for... Unknowingly, I might have found it and just let it slip away...

hindi ko makita ang aking hinahanap,
di marinig ang nais pakinggan,
di mahaplos ang nais mahawakan,
di matanaw ang nais masulyapan...

para akong isang ligaw na kaluluwa
sa isang gubat na napakadilim at napakalawak
daang hindi makikita kita
upang ang liwanag ay muli masilayan 

bakit kay ilap ng tadhana?
pag-ibig na ninanais hindi na makita kita?
minsan ka ng nakita, bakit nawala ka pa?
sadya bang hindi tayo para sa isa't isa?

sadyang kay lupit ng kapalaran
ang pagtibok ng puso minsan di mapigilan
ngunit paano pa ito maisasakatuparan?
kung tali tayo at magkalayo
kahit kailanmay hindi mabubuo....

hanggang kailan magtitiis,
ang aking puso na puno ng paghihinagpis?
hanggang kailan ko kailangan maghintay?
sa iyong pagbabalik, kung kailan ay di ko alam...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


I've done my part, did my best
and yet to no avail, it has come to an end...
all the trust and confidence had gone
just like a puff of smoke..
like a disappearing ghost..
nothing is left of me...
even my dignity...

should I suffer more?
indifferences do I still have to endure?
when would I have the courage?
was I stripped of everything I have?
my confidence, dignity and pride?
have they left me with nothing?
even just a little to save my soul and being...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Thank you...

Thank you so much my dear Lord for all the blessings that you've given me and my family... even the hardships that ive been going through.. I strongly believe that you would not give those problems to me if hindi ko kaya, I am treating those problems as an opportunity to grow and lessons to learn... salamat po talaga.. I am becoming stronger eventhough i am too weak to go on...

To all those who had helped me along the way, family and friends, you know who you are, and is always there to lend me a helping hand, understanding me eventhough i myself do not and cannot understand, all your help are very much appreciated and im very thankful that you've not let me down in any way... I may be a burden to you sometimes, but be rest assured, I will also be there for you in any way I can as well.... I am just asking for some more time. makakabawi rin ako.

To my children, thank you for believing in ur mama, we myt not be financially well off ryt now but I assure you that we will not stay like this forever.. it brings tears to my eyes, everytime you say you love me and u are giving me assurance that i am doing everything i can even i myself dont believe it sometimes... I love you too mga anak...

I am saying and writing these things, becoz I simply wanted to thank you, not for anything else. I wanted to shout out to the whole world, I love all of you, my children, my family, my friends.  I dont wanna have regrets and I do want to say these things to you while i can...

Monday, 12 September 2011

DEPS 8th Franchise

DEPS Imaging Studio Works welcomes Mr. Manny Palis and his lovely wife Dr. Chie Palis as the latest franchisee to its ever growing family.  The 8th franchise, DEPS Picture Maker is strategically located inside Puregold Jr. along Sucat Rd. Paranaque City.  Its target clientele are the shoppers of the supermarket, nearby schools, other establishments and the people of Sucat Paranaque in general.
The booth will offer the same personalized service that the company is well known for, such as digital photo printing, rush ID, any other printing related services and products (personalized mugs and plates, button pins, PVC ID’s, lanyards and accessories, invitations, calling cards) and non-printing services such as ID lay-outing, invitation, tarpaulin, photo editing and photo restoration.  The booth will also serve as a booking agency of all DEPS Imaging Studio related services like photo/video coverage (wedding, debut, birthday or any company event), photobooth and mass ID production.
So, do you have any picture that you want to be printed?  Be it from your cellphone, digital camera or just download it from the web, just visit DEPS Picture Maker booth/kiosk Paranaque branch inside Puregold Jr., Sucat Paranaque City or you may contact Mr. Manny Palis at 0917-8060730.

The Great Pretender

Send in the clowns... please my friends, see beyond the facade, hear not just the laughter and feel what i really am feeling inside...

dont be carried away with my laughter, 
dont be fooled by my smile,
i may always be the life of the party
i can make people laugh
sing my heart out
dance the night away if i must!

but then my friend...

didnt you noticed that my laughter is shallow?
cant u see there's no twinkle in my eye?
the haunting voice when i belt out
the moves that i make?

did you see me when im just seated at the corner
observing everyone around me?
the loneliness i felt even while everybody is being merry
the longing in my eyes
the sadness in my nature...

and then again...

i have to stand up
and make everyone laugh
which is expected from me
be in the center and again, the life of the party...

and still no one noticed...

Sunday, 11 September 2011


     September 12, 2011 is a day to reckon with for DEPS Imaging Studio Works and its latest franchisee Mr. Manny Palis and his ever lovely wife Dr. Chie Bernabe-Palis, as they open the 8th franchise of DEPS Picture Maker in Puregold Jr. Sucat Paranaque City.   The opening was led by Fr. Egay who blessed the newly opened shop along with family and friends of Sir Manny and Ma'am Chie.  Guests, customers and people of Paranaque can avail of the free photobooth throughout the day.

      DEPS Picture Maker Paranaque City aims to be your one-stop-printing shop offering digital photo printing, rush ID, invitation, button pins, photo restoration, personalized mugs and plates, plaques, PVC IDs, lanyards and accessories.  It also offers non-printing related services such as tarpaulin layout, scanning, lamination to name a few.  The shop also serves as the booking agency for all DEPS Imaging Studio Works photo and/or video services, photobooth for any events such as bithday, baptismal, wedding, debuts or any company event.

      For more information or booking of your events, you may contact Mr. Manny Palis at 579-6627/0917-8060730 or visit them inside Puregold Jr., Sucat Paranaque City.


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Sulyap Tanaw 2

These are actual comments (sagutan) on FB when i posted my short poem "Sulyap Tanaw" which turned out to be a poem too.  Tnx Rommel DLR for your contribution.  Modern Day BAlagtasan!

panaginip na lng ba???ohh dyos ko!!!
paano na ang puso kung sugatan???
hanggang kailan ako maghihintay,sa kawalan...

hanggat sa iba nakabaling ang iyong pagtingin,,,
hanggat ang aking pgdurusa ay di mo pansin..
pusong sawi at aking hinagpis
kailanma'y di mo mararamdaman 
pagkat ikay blinded sa aking mga hapdi..

ikaw ba`y may sakit,mahal ko 
at akoy d mo makita`t,mapansin
para kang isang bulag sa karamlam!!!
manhid ka ba at akoy di mo man lang maramdaman....
ipagagamot kita ,upang akoy iyong makita`t madama....

ang gamot sa aking hinagpis
ay pansin ng taong ninanais...
ngunit kung ang pagibig mo ay wagas
at maramdaman ng aking pusong iwas
malamang ay mabaling din ang tingin
at ang iyong pagsinta ay mapansin...

pansin o sulyap sa pag ibig mong inihahain
ang gamot sa pusong mong naghihinagpis!!!...
kung yan ang makakapagpagaling sa puso 
mong sugatan at naghihinagpis.....
dalangin ko sana sa ating Poongmaykapal,
tugunan ang sinisigaw ng puso mong naghihinagpis...

pagibig mong hain ay napakadalisay
dangan pati ang iyong puso at ikaliligaya ay handang ibigay
datapwat masaktan, mapaligaya lang ng tunay
ang sintang iniirog kahit magkahiwalay...

 pag ibig na inihain sa iyong damdamin....
naghihintay ng iyong katugunan!!!
sana`y bigyang halaga at pansinin,
upang pusong luhaan ay mapaligaya
kahit sumandali lamang....

ang pagibig na inihain at iniaalay 
ay malapit ng tugunan
basta ang pagkadalisay ay mapatunayan
pusong dating iwas ay malapit nang bumigay
at tugunan ang pagibig na iniaalay...

Ang pag-big nga bay sa una Lang ang ligaya?
Sana namay Hindi dahil sa mga pangarap ko'y ikaw ay laging kasama.
Wag sanang paluhain dahil sayo'y nag mamahal.
Saglit pansin mo lang ay ligaya ko nang tunay.

Kahit iba ang iyung pansin ikaw parin ang akn gusto.
Huwag ka sanang mabulag sa kanyang pang gugulo! 

ang pag ibig ko`y di mabubulagan!!!
ibaling ko man sa iba ang aking pansin...
luminga-linga man ako sa iba...
sa bandang huli`y pusong dating iwas,
ay mamimirmihan sa kanyang iniibig.....

diyata't tama ang iyong mga tinuran
dangat minsan akoy sadyang nabubulagan
bakit nga ba mghahanap pa ng iba at panay ang sulyap 
sa taong abot tanaw lang
bat di ibaling ang pansin sa taong laging nasa aking harapan...

Sulyap Tanaw

We became close, more than friends, but we knew no matter what we do and feel, it just couldn't be...

sa aking panaginip, ikaw ang laging kasama...
kapiling sa bawat sandali, sa aking gunita...
malayo ka man sa aking tabi....
sulyap lang ay nagbibigay saya at ngiti..
dahil alam ko... 
hanggang sulyap at panaginip lang ang lahat...
malayo ka saking tabi...
kapiling ng iba 
masaya sa kanya...
habang ako ay ngdurusa habang tinitingnan ka...


It was holy week and I was in the middle of making a business presentation when HIS image flashed in my mind and I suddenly had the urge to stop what I am doing and pray.  I have been so restless lately and nothing seems to make me happy... now I know why... I have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places and totally forgot the source of true happiness... Setting aside my presentation, i came up with this simple prayer...

Panginoon ko, akoy lubhang nagkasala,
sa iyong pag-ibig, ako'y di karapdapat
ngunit sa iyong pagkalinga at pagmamahal
akoy ngsusumamo at sanay pumirmihang tunay...

Tulungan mo ako, Panginoon kong Tunay
makita at marinig ang Iyong mga ninanais
At aking maisabuhay
Ako'y nananabik na muling maglingkod sa Iyo
Sa pamamagitan ng pag-awit, pagtugtog 
Luwalhatiin ang Pangalan mo...

Panginoon Ko, akoy naninikluhod..
Di man ako karapatdapat, ako'y kalingain
at bigyan pansin ang aking mga hiling...
Pgkat aking napatunayan at napagnilayan
Walang hihigit sayong pag-ibig na tunay...
Maaring akoy naghanap ng kasiyahan 
sa maling gawi o sa ibang paraan
Upang muli lang mabatid na walang hihigit
sa saya na dulot na maging iyong Anak na tunay...

When My Strength Ends and Pretense Begins...

do not be deceived my friend
of the strength you say i have
I'm vulnerable too, because im only human
but i dont show it
i cry too, because i have to
but not through my eyes
but through my poetry... in my heart
i get hurt easily
but i lift my chin instead

im the touchy type
and i also want to be touched
(gently, soothingly, no groping, no forcing)
and i also want to touch
(subtly, tenderly, with meaning, full of feelings)

i dont easily show emotions
oftentimes deeply... you just dont see
it seems i know where im going
what im supposed to do
what i want
sometimes, im lost
i dont know what to do
or where to go

you say im strong,
i believe I AM
life has dealt me too many blows
for me to be gullible and naive
for me to be intensely emotional
ive tasted the god's idea of poision
shattered dreams, crumbled aircastles,
broken promises, fallen hopes
to survive all these
I HAD to be strong

but alas, my friend!
do not be deceived....
try to see
where my strength ends and pretense begins....


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