Friday, 9 September 2011

Topsy Turvy

Have you ever had that kind of wanting, longing and yet conflicting feelings?  About two years ago, i have this kind of feeling so intense and so torn between getting back together or just leave it as it was.  Should I welcome you back? Or should I just turn my back?

In this obscure world of ours
I wallowed on my solitude
Living like an empty shell
gradually disappearing...
Slowly dying....
No room for bliss, for laughter
Has it been so long since i felt
Shouting for joy?

Then you came into my life... again..
Once again, you've penetrated my ever lonely world
Was it only yesterday
That we have parted ways?
And now you're back, professing your love
your devotion..

In you, I have found my zest for living
Such happiness that brought tears to my eyes
A feeling I never thought i am capable of
Overwhelming love, even I couldnt understand...

Shall I take you again into my life?
Will I still let myself be fooled of your love?
Have I not learned?
Nothing has changed...
It would still come to an end..

Strike me with lightning!
Dont ever let me live!
For what is the sense of my being?
Of my existence?
Without you in my arms??


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