Saturday, 10 September 2011

When My Strength Ends and Pretense Begins...

do not be deceived my friend
of the strength you say i have
I'm vulnerable too, because im only human
but i dont show it
i cry too, because i have to
but not through my eyes
but through my poetry... in my heart
i get hurt easily
but i lift my chin instead

im the touchy type
and i also want to be touched
(gently, soothingly, no groping, no forcing)
and i also want to touch
(subtly, tenderly, with meaning, full of feelings)

i dont easily show emotions
oftentimes deeply... you just dont see
it seems i know where im going
what im supposed to do
what i want
sometimes, im lost
i dont know what to do
or where to go

you say im strong,
i believe I AM
life has dealt me too many blows
for me to be gullible and naive
for me to be intensely emotional
ive tasted the god's idea of poision
shattered dreams, crumbled aircastles,
broken promises, fallen hopes
to survive all these
I HAD to be strong

but alas, my friend!
do not be deceived....
try to see
where my strength ends and pretense begins....


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