Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Dear Friends

real friends stick with you, no matter who and what u are, 
what u've been or what u will be, 
they are with you not at just happy times
but specially at your lowest moment/point in ur life

they see the best and the worst in you
but still not too quick to judge you,
even if you fall so many times,
they are always there not to laugh at you 
but to catch you and help you up 

you laugh, cry and bitch with me
we fought but never carry a chip on our shoulders

thank you for being there for me
even if i may not always be..
i will never forget nor leave you, thats so hard to do
uve been a part of my life and u will always be
i cant imagine life without you by my side
you're more than a friend to me, an extension of my family
and that's forever who you will be...


pwede mgcomment?
ikaw na!...kayo na!...kaw na talaga faye!
well, laveett!
nice one!!!

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