Monday, 12 September 2011

The Great Pretender

Send in the clowns... please my friends, see beyond the facade, hear not just the laughter and feel what i really am feeling inside...

dont be carried away with my laughter, 
dont be fooled by my smile,
i may always be the life of the party
i can make people laugh
sing my heart out
dance the night away if i must!

but then my friend...

didnt you noticed that my laughter is shallow?
cant u see there's no twinkle in my eye?
the haunting voice when i belt out
the moves that i make?

did you see me when im just seated at the corner
observing everyone around me?
the loneliness i felt even while everybody is being merry
the longing in my eyes
the sadness in my nature...

and then again...

i have to stand up
and make everyone laugh
which is expected from me
be in the center and again, the life of the party...

and still no one noticed...


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