Friday, 9 September 2011

A tribute for Kua ED

             Kua Ed is one of the few people in college that ive been very close to. One of the real friends ive ever had in college who never took advantage of anyone or anything, a loving, kind-hearted and compassionate person who always have a good word for everybody.  One of the pillars of KAKASA in PUP, a very strong leader, with a mind the likes of Miriam.  Last time I saw him was during my birthday about 9 yrs ago and that was the last time i ever saw him...  About 4 yrs ago, he kept on popping in and out of my mind and a friend of mine (irene) shared the same sentiments.  WE thought of finding him but it never become a reality... Until i heard a very shocking news from a mutual friend that Kua Ed has passed away two years ago....  Kua Ed, this is for you..

for a dear comrade

para sa iyo, kaibigan, kabalikat, kasangga, 
kasama sa pakikibaka,
isa ka sa mga taong humubog ng aking pagkatao
at nakakilala sa kin ng husto, sa potensyal na meron ako
tumulong, nagpapatatag at nagmulat ng pusot isipan ko
na meron akong responsibilidad hindi lang sa sarili, pamilya
higit lalo sa bansang sinilangan ko.

sa pagmumulat na hindi ako basta isang babae,
na hindi natatapos sa pagiging ina at pagiging asawa ang role ko sa mundo
ngunit isang tao na may halaga at may magagawa para sa kapwa
at bayan ko

i wish i was there when u needed a friend through the most painful days of ur life,
i wish i cud have hold ur hand just like before when u felt so alone and everybody is against u
i wish i didnt stop  short of thinking of finding u again and see for myself how you are
i wish... i wish...

but now u're gone,
for almost 2 yrs, and nobody from our common friends knew...
i cant help but cry coz it pains me that i wud never ever see u again
wont receive anymore letters from you
i am feeling such a  loss that comes from within...
you were one of the few real friends i've ever had in this crazy world  we live in
one of the few who saw me for the real me and loved me for who i am,
one of the few real people ive ever considered in that chaotic organization of ours,
who never took advantage of anyone, of anything.

i know ur happier now with our creator,
you wud never again feel the physical pain you have bravely battled for so long,
wont be humiliated anymore by those people who makes fun of you
or those who ridiculed you for what youve become...

i will surely miss you kua ed...


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